Kansai: The True Heart of Japan

Kansai: The True Heart of Japan

Going by the name, the Kansai region in Japan has been rightly famed as the most culture-oriented region. If there is anything you like in Japan, it is most likely to be originated from this region. Going back to the yesteryears, Kansai is the place where much of modern-day Japanese culture originated.

A metropolitan mega-city, it is home to many fascinating temples, shrines and archaeological sites that have resonated through the ages. Kansai has enough to fill the entire itinerary! Kansai has more than 19 million inhabitants therefore, you can guess that this land is highly diverse in religion and culture. It offers history and heritage in the best capacity.
If you are visiting Japan for the first time, then this is your go-to destination undoubtedly.


Geographical allocation of Kansai

Geographical allocation

Widely known as the Kinki region, Kansai is scattered in a total area of more than 33,000 km². This area covers landscapes, sightseeing attractions & many national parks. Taking forward its legacy of a political and cultural hub, Kansai is as old as 1000 years.

Geographically speaking, It consists of up to ten prefectures. Kyoto Prefecture, Osaka Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture, Nara Prefecture, Shiga Prefecture, and Wakayama Prefecture; being the most widely accepted composition in Kansai region. Out of these, The Osaka Plain with the cities of Osaka and Kyoto forms the core of this region.


Three Names, One Region

Three Names One Region

You would be surprised to know that the Kansai region has two other names as well. Kansai, Kinki, and Kinai; the significance is such because all these names are a result of certain historic periods. Kinai means ‘around the capital’ and has resulted from the Asuka period.

When a new territorial division was established in Japan back then, the name Kinai was found. Later, during the Meiji era, Kinki found its popularity. Kinki is most commonly used as an alternative to Kansai. Apart from these names, Keihanshin has come into existence. This name proudly showcases the modernized land of Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe.


Culture & Heritage of Kansai

Culture & Heritage of Kansai

Traditions and customs are the most valuable thing in the entire country of Japan. That is why every city and every region in Japan is full of spectacularly ornate temples, shrines, and prefectures. A political and cultural center in Japan, The areas of Kyoto and Osaka have added their part to the glory. Even today, every region has a strong footprint. Kyoto has brought glory to dramatic arts and Osaka has been famed for puppet theatre. These creative art forms have popularised the whole region of Kansai. These gems are found nowhere else!

Apart from art forms, its cuisines are to die for. The famous gourmet cuisine of Kyoto and the street food of Osaka is the most special culinary for your taste buds.


UNESCO World Heritage Site

UNESCO World Heritage Site

If you thought that you had enough of Kansai already, we bring to you its preservation of UNESCO sites and monuments. Having survived many wars and natural disasters, these places still stand strong. People from around the world visit these remarkable sites and admire their beauty.

Some of the sites that should not be missed are the Himeji castle, Horyu-Ji-region Buddhist monuments, and the monuments of Kyoto and Nara. Allow this one to be a heart throbbing journey for you.

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