4 Charming Cherry Blossom places in Japan

Cherry Blossom season is one of the most enchanting and majestic time when you can capture the showering rain of petals in Japan. The cherry blossom is the magnificent time of the year when people around the world dreams to watch the gorgeous beauty, and the gardens. If you also want to see the spring … Read More

Hokkaido: Undiscovered land of beauty

It is a wide known fact that Japan has four major gorgeous islands and out of them, Hokkaido is the second-largest. It lies to the northernmost region of Japan and is the most underdeveloped island out of all the four. The best thing about Hokkaido is that it has coastlines connected to the Sea of … Read More

Shofukuji Temple – The onset of Zen Buddhism

Shofukuji Temple is entitled to be the first temple in Japan that introduced Zen Buddhism, this enormous piece of architecture was constructed in the year 1195. This great structure brought a new wave of culture and religious outlook amongst the inhabitants of Japan and all this happened because of the person who is responsible for … Read More