The Alluring food of Hokkaido

The Alluring food of Hokkaido

If you are a born traveler and crave for brand new destinations every year, then you are surely one of those passionate wanderers. This keeps you alive and makes you indulge in everything about a place. Traveling for you is not just about places, it is about the vibe and food.

This vibe resides in any place not only because of sightseeing but also because of the local people, their habitat, and the choice of food. So, going by tradition, the island of Hokkaido is one such unparalleled destination that emits a vibe like none other.

It emits fumes of Japanese culture, traditional cuisines, and local habitat around the globe and that is why we love this island. Going around this place, you will find some of the most exotic yet traditional foods that you must try.

Why is it called the Food Kingdom of Japan?

Food in Hokkaido

This gorgeous land of Hokkaido in Japan is fairly known for its ramen. Some of the best types of ramen come from this place alone and all of them are worth your taste buds. Being famous for its vibrant life and adventure, it has become a place that offers alluring food items as well.

Seafood like crabs and salmon along with soup curry and dairy products, this island is definitely the food kingdom of Japan. You can get hold of the best mouthwatering food of all kinds along with street food here.

Here are some of the most delicious food options that you should not miss if you visit this gorgeous island.


Kaisen-don in Hokkaido

Widely known as Donburi, this one is a popular bowl of hot rice that is served with the yummiest seafood and sashimi. Topping of Donburi varies from region to region and that is why you will find loads of them in this location. But this Donburi is very popular as you can easily spot it in fish markets.

You can choose from a variety of toppings like fat salmon, crab legs, or creamy uni according to your taste. Have this one with soy sauce topped over for the most amazing seafood dish ever.

Locals recommend it to eat it at the Nijo Fish Market for Breakfast.

Hokkaido Ramen

Hokkaido Ramen Food

This had to be on the list for obvious reasons. Hokkaido is famous around Japan for its ramen because a lot of popular ones come from this place. The ramen types in Hokkaido differ based on the areas they belong to. So, if you are looking for thick and wavy noodles topped with sweet corn and scallops, then Sapporo is your place to be.

If you are in Hakodate, you will find Shio ramen which has more of a salty chicken broth with pork. These noodles are thinner and softer. Next up, Shoyu ramen is found in Asahikawa which has soy sauce base with chicken, pork, and seafood. Everything together makes this dish a mouthwatering cuisine.

Locals as well as food critics recommend Menya Saimi as the ultimate place for best Hokkaido ramen.

Soup Curry

Soup Curry Hokkaido Food

Goes without saying, Soup Curry has been an old and traditional dish in Hokkaido that has gained popularity after improvisation. Just like ramen, this is a renowned local dish. This curry is a mixture of soup broth and rice. Since this soup curry is a bit spicy, you should be prepared well in advance.

The curry is loaded with meat, eggs, herbs and vegetables that add to the flavor of the soup. Many soup curry restaurants are popular in the region but the most popular one is in Sapporo city.

Locals recommend Samurai restaurant in Sapporo city as hands down, the most specialized soup curry place.

Ishikari Nabe

Ishikari Nabe Hokkaido Food

Also known as Salmon Nabe, Named after the longest river in Hokkaido, this is the hot pot dish in the area. As the name suggests, this one is served in a hot pot made of either clay or cast iron to give it that vibe and taste. Locally produced vegetables like onions, daikon radish, potatoes, and mushrooms are stewed with salmon fillets in this pot.

Originally, this dish was a fisherman’s meal because it was cooked on the beach right after catching the salmon. If you are in Hokkaido, you should have this one as the wellness of the pot adds to the taste.

Locals recommend Kitamaru as the topmost place for tasting this hot salmon pot.

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